"Jasmine Elixer" 250ml

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Vaimakis, Ιoannina

A mature vinegar with nectar from small fruit, cinnamon and clove extract added to it.
Elixirs are alcohol-free liqueurs! The vinegar from the local varieties, known as "Debina" and "Vlahico", has aged for 5 years in oak and chestnut barrels. After that, it is mixed with a small fruit nectar and a mint and peppermint extract. It goes perfectly well with all salads made with raw, boiled or grilled vegetables. You can also add it as a finishing touch when preparing fillet steak in a frying pan. It is also recommended to add some to grilled fish or chicken. Dare something original and drizzle some over ice-cream or cream, instead of syrup. Alternatively, serve it as an aperitif or a digestif with crushed ice.