"Hrysafis" Kalathaki kaas uit Lemnos (PDO) 700-800g

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Hrysafis, Lemnos

A cheese from goats' milk, straight from the volcanic island of Lemnos!
This type of cheese is very rich in flavour and is made exclusively from goats' milk. The animals roam freely for food on the green meadows of the island of Lemnos. The farming method used, together with the island's microclimate, actually determine the milk's taste and quality. The produced cheese is therefore known for its very special flavour. The name "kalathaki"(meaning "basket" in Greek) is due to the shape of the cheese. It takes this form during the production process, when it is put in woven baskets to strain. The next phase is that of dry-salting and preservation in brine at room temperature, so as to allow the cheese to mature. The "Hrysafis" kalathaki cheese from Lemnos is great when eaten with hand-kneaded bread or put into tomato salads instead of feta cheese. Another delicious way to use this exquisite cheese, is to stuff peppers and squids with it or add it to fillings for pies.