"Hrysafis" Kashkavali kaas uit Lemnos 650-800g

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Hrysafis, Lemnos

A cheese with a full-bodied, buttery flavour!
The kashkaval cheese is one of the oldest cheeses of the island of Lemnos. Its production method dates back to many centuries ago. It is a strong, aromatic cheese, with a buttery flavour, made from local sheep's milk. It has a great history, given that it was initially produced by the farmers of Lemnos, then called ʺkehayiadesʺ, way back in the middle ages. The reheating of the curd is a very typical characteristic of the production process. In the past, the drying process traditionally took place after May. Whole cheeses were placed in wooden sieves and were allowed to dry in the shade, away from sunlight, usually under the trees. The standard temperature was over 22 degrees Celsius. Kashkaval cheese is served just as any other table cheese, but it can also be fried, to make saganaki cheese. Try it grated over pasta and as a special ingredient in risotti, pizzas, pies and green salads. A wide range of options - all one needs is to be creative!