"Amari" graviera kaas uit Kreta (PDO) 250-350g

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Amari, Crete

A gruyère cheese from Crete, discrete in its sweetish taste, but rich in flavour!
The "Amari" gruyère cheese is made in the traditional way from fresh pasteurized goats' milk. It is left to mature for at least three months. It is a cylinder-shaped, hard table cheese. Although discrete in its sweetish taste, it is very rich in flavour! It is consumed as is, ideally accompanying our main meal. Try it also with toasted bread for breakfast! It's delicious! Since it melts evenly, it can be perfectly added to various recipes, such as pies, savoury tarts and soufflés. Enjoy it also as a dessert cheese combined with fruit or topping it with some delicious Cretan thyme honey.