Compulsory Kozani Saffron Cooperative

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Compulsory Kozani Saffron Cooperative, Kozani

One of the most rare and precious spices in the world!
Kozani saffron is one of the most rare and precious spices worldwide. It is also known for its beneficial properties to the human body. We get it from the dried stigmas of the "saffron" plant, which is cultivated in the region of Kozani and is considered to be one of the best saffron qualities in the world. The production process is as follows: saffron is planted every summer and the cultivators collect its blossoms every autumn - early in the morning - placing them in crates and drying them afterwards. When the drying process is over, the red stigma is separated from the yellow stamens, the pollen and other impurities. This procedure is carried out manually and is very hard work and tiring. Then, the dried stigmas are packed. Saffron gives an intense yellow colour to our food, a light sourish flavour and a wonderful smell of violets. It tastes wonderful in drinks, soups, risottos, hand-kneaded bread, pasta, poultry and seafood. Furthermore, it gives a unique aroma to white sauces. Great attention should be given to the dosage; a large quantity of saffron gives us the absolute opposite result - a very strong and unpleasant flavour to our food.