Vourvoukelis Estate

"Domaine Vourvoukelis" Avdiros rode wijn 750ml (BIO)

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Vourvoukelis Estate, Xanthi

A wine with a burgandy colour and complex aromas, reminiscent of wild red fruit!
This wine is made from organic farmed grapes of the primitive variety Limnio, the Thracian variety Pamiti and the rare French variety Cinsault. The vines are cultivated on the Vourvoukelis Estate, on the hills surrounding the settlement of Avdira in Thrace. The wine has a burgandy colour and complex aromas resembling wild red fruit, with background aromas of dried fruit and spices. It ages for 8 - 10 months in oak barrels and is characterized by a full-bodied and round flavour, with discreet tannins and an aromatic aftertaste. Serve it at a temperature of 18-20°C and combine it with hare stew, veal cooked with a rich, spicy tomato sauce and well-matured spicy cheeses. The title of the product -"Avdiros"- is derived from Greek mythology. Demigod Hercules built the city of Avdira to honour his friend Avdiros, who was killed while fighting against wild horses, belonging to the king of Thrace.