Vassiliou Estate

"Palivou Estate" P.D.O. Nemea rode wijn 750ml

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Palivou Estate, Nemea

A red mature wine with complex aromas, reminiscent of black cherries and vanilla!
This wine is made from the grape variety Agiorgitiko, grown on a privately owned vineyard located in Koutsi-Petri, in the area of Nemea. It is known for its multidimensional character, velvet-soft mouth-feel and robust tannins. After production, the wine is allowed to age for 2 years in French oak barrels in underground cellars, and for another 1 year in bottles. This is how it acquires a structured body, with plenty of volume and intense, long-lasting aromas, reminiscent of red fruit, vanilla, timber and cloves. It is served at 18°C and can be ideally combined with red meat cooked in thick sauces, rooster braised in wine, game and spicy cheeses. Every year 10,000 bottles of this wine are produced. It can be aged for 15 years, provided it is placed horizontally in the cellar.