Vourvoukelis Estate

"Domaine Vourvoukelis" Lagara rode wijn 750ml (BIO)

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Vourvoukelis Estate, Nemea

A wine with a deep burgandy colour and aromas reminiscent of wild cherries!

This wine is made from organic farmed grapes belonging to the Thracian variety Pamiti and the cosmopolitan varieties Merlot and Syrah. The vines are cultivated on the privately owned vineyard of the Vourvoukelis family. The vineyard extends to the hills surrounding the settlement of Avdira, in Thrace. The final product is a wine having a deep burgandy colour and aromas reminiscent of wild cherries and almonds, with hints of smoke. The full flavour, well-structured tannins and long aftertaste are due to the ageing process that lasts for 10-12 months and takes place in oak barrels. It is at its best, consumed at a temperature of 18-20°C and is ideally served with dishes with rich sauces, such as rabbit stew, veal with barley-shaped pasta (yiouvetsi) and rooster braised in wine. The name "Lagara" comes from the ancient Greek adjective "λαγαρός", meaning transparent and clear.