Chatzigeorgiou Estate

"Chatzigeorgiou" Moschato D Ifestia semi-sparkling wijn 750ml

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Chatzigeorgiou Estate, Lemnos

A cool semi-sparkling wine with fine aromas of different fruit!
A wonderful semi-sparkling wine with the heady aromas of the Moschato grape varieties, released in refreshing bubbles. It is characterized by its bright yellow colour, the gentle sweetness which is balanced with the freshness of its acidity, the fine aromas of different fruit, the pleasant aftertaste and its elegant frothing qualities. Enjoy it as a unique aperitif at a temperature of 8-10 °C. The wine is named after Hephaestia, the biggest city of Lemnos for the past 22 centuries! The ancient city of Ifaistia was dedicated to the god of metallurgy, Hephaestus. Due to the existence of the active volcano on the island - it was immediatedly related to this god of Greek mythology.