N. Dourountakis & Sisters

"Douroudous Bakery" olijfolie koekjes biologisch 230g

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N. Dourountakis & Sisters, Chania

Crunchy biscuits with the aroma of fresh oranges!
At "Douroudous Bakery" in the area of Sfakia, in Chania, Crete, the preservation of traditional recipes, which once belonged to grandmother Anna, is necessary for what it creates. The main ingredient for the olive oil cookies recipe, is extra virgin olive oil, extracted from organic-grown olives growing in the area of Chania. Kneaded with organic flour from soft wheat, juice freshly squeezed from organic-grown oranges and raki from grapes of organic agriculture.  These olive oil cookies will delight you with their rich full-bodied flavour and their wonderful aroma. They can be served with coffee, tea or milk.