"Mousseti" Sykomaida 100g

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Mousseti, Evia Island

A special homemade sweet with dried figs!
Ourania Mousseti in Northern Evia makes a delicious sweet, using dried figs picked from her own fig trees. She kneads the figs to a thick paste, adding honey and finely chopped walnuts. Then she flavours the paste with cinnamon, cloves, sesame seeds and ouzo and shapes it into round flat patties. A real inspiration, and a totally handmade sweet, which everyone adores, due to its intense aroma of spices and its full-bodied flavour. Enjoy sykomaida as a healthy snack which provides our body with energy, or enjoy  it with a drink (raki, grappa, brandy, Vinsanto wine) on cold winter nights.