Stories of Greek Origins

Oregano biologische 12 x 1.2g

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Stories of Greek Origins, Pindos

Dried oregano with an excellent aroma, from the mountains of Pindos!
From the mountains of Pindos in the region of Epirus, where nature is characterized by the abundance of aromatic plants, we get the oregano of "Stories of Greek Origins". The picking of oregano is done very carefully by hand and the drying process is carried out in a natural way with extra care. Oregano is the most characteristic plant of Greek nature and an essential ingredient in Greek cuisine. Its multiple beneficial properties (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant etc. , have been known since antiquity, since the era of Hippocrates, and its use within the Greek territory, has been constant, right up to this day. We suggest you enjoy the tangy aroma of "Stories of Greek Origins" oregano in tomato salads, on fried potatoes, grilled vegetables, in tomato sauces, on pizza, on fish and grilled meat, to fully appreciate the aroma of Greek nature - in all its glory.