Stories of Greek Origins

"Origins" Thijm uit Pindos Bio 30g

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Stories of Greek Origins, Pindos

Fragrant thyme from the mountains of Pindos!
From the mountains of Pindos in the region of Epirus, where nature is characterized by the abundance of aromatic plants, we get the thyme of "Stories of Greek Origins". The picking of thyme is done very carefully by hand and the drying process is carried out in a natural way with extra care. Thyme is one of the most aromatic herbs, characteristic of Greek nature. It is particularly known for its antimicrobial, antiseptic, aphrodisiac and therapeutic properties, since antiquity. The wonderful aroma and deep flavour of "Stories of Greek Origins" thyme make it ideal to flavour olive oil or vinegar, to make splendid marinades for meat, to knead into bread, to make biscuits and to prepare wonderful sauces for meat or pasta.