"Asoutis" harde Volaki kaas uit Andros 190-210g

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Asoutis, Andros

A rare cheese from the island of Andros!
In the Cycladic island of Andros, Nikos Asoutis produces in his traditional cheese dairy one of the most amazing Greek cheeses, from cow's milk: hard volaki cheese from Andros. It is called "volaki" because of its shape which looks like a small ball. During its production process, as the cheese begins to set, it is salted and molded into small balls. It is then wrapped in cheese cloth and left to dry hanging in a cool, shady and well ventilated area. Thus it acquires its strong spicy flavour and rich aroma. It is wonderful grated over pasta, in omelettes and salads, while it is perfectly combined with tsipouro (grape distillate).