"Meligyris" thijmhoning 450 gr

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Manolis Stefanakis

Cretan thyme honey is characterized by its dark amber-orange color and distinct taste of the ethereal perfume of Cretan thyme.
Having studied at the Agricultural University of Athens, and being brought up by a rural Cretan family with a beekeeping tradition since 1920, Manolis Stefanakis learned to love nature and respect its products.Showing respect to beekeeping, means, according to him, “not interfering with nature and allowing the bees to do their work without intervening.”His scientific training enables him to assess and highlight pure, natural honey. This means that he studies the microclimate of the mountainous regions of Heraklion, Crete. He also spots areas which are located away from agricultural crops, which provide the best organoleptic and biochemical characteristics, and that’s where he places his bee colonies. That’s how he gets the variety of honey that brings out the individual characteristics of each wildly grown herb.The special care and attention given to the method of collection, but also, the analysis and certification methods that he uses, guarantee a totally natural product of high nutritional value.Manolis Stefanakis is also one of the founders and members of the Scientific Community of Greek Beekeepers.