"Meligyris" bio thijm- & wilde kruiden-honing 450 gr

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Manolis Stefanakis

An organic honey made from rare wild herbs and brushwood from the Cretan mountains.
Certified organic honey, collected by bees, which do not travel, but visit the most noble herbs of the spring flora of Crete, including thrimpes, thyme, malotira, ebony and other forest plants.
This kind of honey is light-coloured, full-bodied, rich in minerals and trace elements. It is considered highly nutritious, thanks to the variety of substances that it contains.It is delicious spread on slices of buttered toast, it is used in tea and juices as a sweetener, and lavishly spread over warm pancakes or as a syrup on yogurt and ice cream.
Honey should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from moisture, heat and light sources. The jar should be securely closed, as honey has the tendency to absorb foreign odors, thus destroying its aroma.
We should not lick the spoon and place it back into the jar of honey because our saliva enzymes alter the composition and structure of honey.
Crystallization is one of the characteristics of honey. It is a completely natural process during which the honey takes on a semi-solid state. It is a biological phenomenon of natural, raw honey, which does not alter its nutritional properties.
Crystallization is observed in almost all types of honey at different times for each variety. We can easily liquefy the honey again by immersing the jar in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.